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Reducing risk and costs is a challenge for most businesses.

If your product is a non-hazardous liquid or ingredient, then combining a liquid liner and IBC container may be something worth considering.

Solutions for dairy, food and drinks, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, paints, oils and many other industrial and non-hazardous chemical applications.

Product range IBC containers, liners, bag in box systems, parts and equipment

A robust 1000 litre steel IBC
Plastic 1000 litre IBC
Cardboard 1000 litre IBC
IBC for non liquid products
For IBC temperature control
Heavy duty IBC parts & fittings
Easy to fill IBC bag-in-box
A robust 500 litre steel IBC
Plastic 500 litre IBC's
Plastic and steel 250 litre IBC's
50 different liner options
Aseptic IBC solutions
Heavy duty IBC solutions
Standard IBC solutions
Adaptors for IBC containers
For discharging IBC's
For discharging IBC's
Space efficient IBC's
A complete service
Bar code IBC tracking system
Compare IBC's and drums
Compare IBC containers
Exhibitions and IBC demonstrations

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