Could a bag in box system work better for your business?

Liner bags are a reliable, easy to use packaging solution.

Protect your product and keep your containers clean and ready for reuse.

How you clean your containers now, including the cost of water, cleaning materials and the labour costs can be significantly reduced.

Combining an IBC container with a liner is easy to test.

Find out if you can achieve:

  • Better protection against oxygen, moisture and cross-contamination
  • Savings on all freight and storage costs
  • Savings on water, cleaning and disposal costs

Use clean and sterile liners every time you fill your containers.

Folding IBC containers can be used

As the container moves through the supply chain, it can be filled, discharged and re-filled in a continuous cycle.

When empty the container can be safely folded and stacked.

The result being cost savings for your business.

TPS provide over 50 different liner bag-in-box variations.

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