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Non-liquid Pallet Containers

Heavy duty pallet boxes, Plastc pallet containers, Collapsible pallet boxes, Folding pallet boxes, Stackabox, Magnum boxes


TPS Magnum Optimum

This versatile, FLC container (large folding plastic pallet container) is designed for moving non-liquid products, from meat and fresh produce to valuable automotive parts and components.

  • It has smooth internal and external surfaces.
  • Drop down doors for ease of loading and unloading.
  • 750kg unit load capacity.
  • Its light weight modular design makes it fully repairable
  • 100% recyclable.

TPS Stackabox

This innovative, foldable, bulk container can be used to dispense, store and transport PET preforms, blown bottles, and caps and closures in the beverage and food industry.

  • Suitable for high speed production lines. 
  • Made from 100% recycled material (apart from the skids and feet which are made from virgin material).
  • It can be recycled at the end of its useful life.

TPS MB heavy duty pallet box 600 litre

The TPS MB heavy duty pallet box has unrivalled strength and is a more robust alternative to the plastic Dolav container. 

  • Heavy duty galvanised steel construction
  • Dimensions of H775mm x L1200mm x W1000mm
  • Flat base make this ideally suited to heavy dry goods
  • Pallet racking compatible and self stacking
  • Forklift truck and pallet truck compatible (can be inverted)