IBC Liners

IBC Liners

At TPS Rental Systems, we’re not just product suppliers, we’re industry specialists. We work with businesses of all sizes and all industries. Any company can help you buy a liner bag, but TPS can help your business with technical solutions, the products and service to fit your needs.

We supply over 50 different types of liners (250, 500 and 1000 litre liners) - clear for food and non-food applications, blue liners for the UK food market, barrier films for light and oxygen sensitive products, aseptic liner bags and irradiated liners.

Bag in box IBC container liners for food, and drinks, pharaceutical and cosmetics products.

The business case:

Reducing the risk of contamination, increasing product yield, improving hygiene, savings in container cleaning, packaging and transportation costs.

A complete system that is easy to operate by just one person

    Liners for IBC containers, IBC liner bags