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Heated IBC Containers

The TPS Heating System is designed to raise and maintain the temperature of the contents of the liner to an accurate and consistent level during discharge.

The TPS heating system consists of two main components, a silicone rubber heater mat and an electronic temperature control system.

Simply plug in the container on arrival at its destination and set the controller to the correct temperature level.

A temperature sensor placed close to the surface of the mat measures the temperature of the surface which is in contact with the inner liner and consequently the product. Both the heater mat and the control unit are CE marked. A bracket on the back of the control box enables the unit to fit on the top edge of the container for easy viewing.

Through not having to maintain hot room temperatures this system will help you save costs.

We also provide a heater mat that includes an inbuilt thermostat set to a maximum temperature of 50 degrees C. This enables you to use the system without adding a temperature control unit. This works well with products that do not require a variable temperature control.

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