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Aseptic Containers

Aseptic IBC Container systems in steel, stainless steel and plastic.

Containers for aseptic filling, transport and storage

TPS aseptic reusable IBC containers provide an efficient and environmentally friendly alternative for storing and transporting liquid products aseptically.

Food ingredients processors and packers, Cosmetics, Beverage and Pharmaceutical and Speciality chemical companies use our containers and aseptic IBC liners and aseptic fittings.

Reusable IBC Containers and Aseptic Packaging

TPS aseptic IBC liners and containers are manufactured in sizes of 250, 500 and 1000 litres. We supply the full range of aseptic fittings and accessories for aseptic filling and discharging in the UK, Nordic, European and US markets.

  • Sterile filling and emptying, partially and fully
  • Comply with food industry standards
  • One person filling and emptying
  • Folding IBC's for when empty and in return transport
  • Stackable, strong containers for stacking, storing and transporting when full of product
  • Cost saving, aseptic, clean and efficient systems

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IBC Containers Aseptic Applications